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Gravel, Soils, Sands, Polymeric Sand

Screened gravels, sand and soils for your construction, landscape and garden needs. Crushed & screened gravel are used for driveways and compactible base rock for construction and flagstone installation. Sandy loam is perfect for under your sod. Our screened top soil is more suited for landscape tree & shrub beds and lawn seeding. Vegetable and flower gardeners love our nutrient rich garden soil mix.

Polymeric sand is used for filling the gaps between flagstone and pavers to provide flexible joints, to inhibit weed growth, to discourage insect mining and to prevent water erosion. Fifty pound bags are available in tan or grey colors.

Our white sand is great for sand volleyball courts and golf bunkers. Mortar sand is an economical material to use under above ground swimming pools.

Barr-Tech’s nutrient-rich compost is a smart and effective way to ensure the health and stability of your lawn or garden. It can be used for many of your outdoor projects, including landscaping, gardening, turf management, erosion control and to support agricultural crop growth. Compost supplies the valuable nutrients and organic matter needed for healthy growth, improves the soil structure to support root growth and water retention and stability.