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Welcome to Sunrise’s new website and possibly to an early Spring! You can take advantage of our low snow winter and milder temperatures by starting your Spring cleanup early.

Four Reasons to start Your Spring cleanup and Start the opening of your Garden now.

  1. Emerging bulbs and perennials have delicate new growth in the spring. Apply decorative rock or mulch before they break ground or put out leaves. It is much easier to work around perennial mounds with no or little growth than waiting until the plant matures with bushy leaves, flowers and swarms of busy bees.
  2. A pre-emergent chemical application and/ or a 2-3 inch deep layer of mulch or decorative rock will help prevent weed seeds from germinating. Decorative rock lasts for years and it really does make a difference in suppressing those nasty weeds. Most beds can be touched up with Roundup later in the season if needed.
  3. An early start will give you additional time for more projects or give you more leisure time to enjoy the official summer season when it arrives.
  4. Graduation and wedding seasons sneak up fast. Starting now will give you extra time for perfecting all the other fine details for these special occasions.

Our sales yard is stocked and ready to go with many kinds of rock to choose from. Just a reminder that it is still too early for vegetable gardens.