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Whitetail Granite Thin Veneer

Why Thin Stone Veneer is the Easiest Choice For Your Next Project

Thin stone veneers offer a more convenient option for installation as opposed to typical building stone. There are a number of reasons why thin stone veneer would be appropriate for your next project. This type of veneer is a great choice and can be installed as a DIY project or with the help of a contractor. Either way, you can build beautiful and unique features, such as an indoor fireplace, outdoor fire pit or even retaining walls, all with thin stone veneer.

At Sunrise Inc., we stock thin stone veneer in a variety of shapes, sizes and heights that will suit any project you may take on. Thin stone veneer has the advantage over regular building stone in that it’s a lighter weight alternative and often requires less mortar to install.  Less material overall will lead to a quicker and easier installation of your project.

Any project requiring stone can be made easier by utilizing thin stone veneer. The installation can be done by a contractor, but you can do it yourself as well!  Sunrise Inc. is your one-stop shop for thin stone veneer. We provide a number of great thin stone veneer options and all of the tools needed to install it. Stop by today and you’ll be well on your way to a rustic outdoor fireplace or a distinctive feature wall.

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