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Proper Planning For Your Stone Project

Outdoor living spaces easily become the most popular area of your home and will yield one of the highest returns on investment compared to other improvements you could do to your home’s exterior. Understanding why you want an outdoor living space for you and your family depends on its intended use of that space. Choosing the right company that has construction knowledge about how a project should be properly built from beginning, middle, and end is of the utmost importance. The use and placement of structural components must be properly planned for to last a lifetime. With some projects, more technical drawings prepared by a licensed civil engineer or other licensed professional, are required and created to ensure the proper structural integrity of the project and that specific materials are properly quantified. The size, scale, and aesthetic may be determined by local building code…Sunrise Inc. always adheres to local building codes and aesthetics! The consultation of a licensed civil engineer with the client may be needed on projects that require building permits and this is done to protect the client and ensure that their project is designed to known current building standards. To the untrained eye these elements usually aren’t appreciated until they’re used. Our Clients are amazed at the quality of craftsmanship of the stone and how amazing their new space looks. Careful thought and planning that went into making the outdoor living space seen below was successful because it was designed with the perfect mix of utility and style. Upon the project’s completion, the client recognized the value in the initial project planning by stating that the early detail…“paid off”!

IMG_2577 (3) IMG_2578