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How to Create Rock Flower Beds 
Give your landscape a refined look as if it’s done by a pro by simply updating your flowerbeds and adding borders around them. There are several options in material to choose from for your garden edging such as rocks. Creating rock flower beds will create a durable border around your blooms that is beautiful and natural.

You can use stone in your landscape in various ways, and many different types of stones are available as well, so you can be very creative with designing your rock flowerbeds. Here are some ideas:


Lay out your design for your rock flowerbeds on paper. List all the materials you need, from the decorative stones and rocks to the greenery and plants. Be familiar with all your options so you can choose what will work best together. Plan the amount of materials you will need by measuring the space you’ll be working on.


Clean out the material that your existing flowerbeds are made up of such as wood chips, wood shavings, dead leaves, peat moss, pine straw, or shredded bark. Tidy up the area surrounding the greeneries you want to retain in your rock flowerbeds. If necessary, shovel out weeds and other debris. Take all these unneeded materials to a compost bin.


Once the flowerbeds are clean, start planting any new plants or greenery you want to add. Shrubs are ideal additions because they require minimal maintenance but you can certainly plant more flowers. You can also add other decorative accents such as clay pots, bird feeders, mini statues and sculptures, lanterns and globes.

At this point, install a weed barrier, or what’s called a landscape fabric, over the flowerbeds. Make the fabric overlap when installing over small areas so the weeds will not creep up the seams. Use small stakes to keep the fabric down in place.

Arranging the Rocks

First, lay decorative border rocks around the edges of the flowerbed. Doing so will help keep small stones to be washed away from the bed and will add more interest and texture to the garden.

As for the actual rock flowerbeds, you can just spill out the rocks in the area and they can be about three-inches deep. Additionally, and this is more fun especially when you have different rock materials, you can arrange the rocks in a particular style or design.

Upgrade Your Home Landscape

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Many homeowners choose to boost the resale value of their property by installing flagstone and creating a beautiful, fully functional outdoor patio. This task is relatively simple, requiring moderate skills and just a basic set of tools, and can be completed even by novices. Here’s some of the most important info that you should know, before giving the green light to this project.

Identify the Right Materials for This Job




Get quality flagstone from Sunrise Inc. This material is durable, resistant, and extremely versatile. From Iron Mountain to Quartzites we have the color to match all your landscaping needs.

Follow a Few Simple Steps to Obtain the Desired Results

1) Visualize your plan by drawing a sketch. Illustrate all the important elements that will be a part of your project (including the drainage system).

2) Contact representatives from your utility companies for locates.

3) Measure your square footage and come in to Sunrise Inc. for a plethora of flagstones to choose from.

4) Mark the area where you plan to install the flagstone and scope the slope.

5) Excavate the entire surface.

6) Identify and apply the best base material for your project (3/8″ minus basalt is a popular choice).

7) Implement plastic, steel, or aluminum edge restraints to preserve the initial shape of your perimeter for the longest period of time.

8) Start laying your flagstone in the correct position; don’t hesitate to cut them if they don’t fit perfectly.

9) Use a polymeric sand product to keep the flagstone in place can also be purchased at Sunrise Inc. just ask one of highly knowledgeable flagstone experts.  These sands come in tan or grey.

10) Wipe off any remaining dust or debris with a broom.




Flagstone Finished with Polymeric sand