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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Planning Landscape Project


It is never too early or late to start planning your summer landscape project. It is exciting to think about summer; entertaining guests, barbeques, pool parties, or just an evening out on the patio with a beer or glass of wine. Its easy to get carried away with all the front landscaping ideas and backyard landscaping ideas, so we here at Sunrise Inc. have came up with a few questions for you to ask before you start planning your project.

1. How will you use your space?
This is the first and most basic question you’ll need to ask yourself. Whether you will entertain all season long, an amateur chef that will grill anything and clean the grocery store out of meat every week, or you are all about relaxation in the yard, you’ll want to tailor your landscape design to suit. Some build to entertain, others build to create a place to escape the everyday headaches we encounter.
How you plan to use your outdoor living space could mean a dramatically different landscape design – or a beautiful combination of different aspects you will enjoy for years to come.
2. What challenges does your lawn pose?
Is your property on a steep hill? Is your property prone to erosion? Do you have a small lawn? Is your property’s soil rocky or acidic? Is your backyard shady or sunny throughout the day? These questions are important because they will help determine a lot about your landscape design. Rather, you’ll need to make the most of your property’s limitations and find workaround strategies that maximize the good things about your site.
3. What opportunities does your lawn possess?
No site is without its wonderful qualities: a collection of heirloom rosebushes, a hill full of tiger lilies, exceptional soil quality or lush, green grass. As you think carefully through your property’s challenges, be sure to consider the opportunities there as well. As you work around the disadvantages of your site, you should also be thinking about how to play up your lawn’s best features.
4. What is your budget?
Your budget will determine what you can do with your landscaping space. It is the most important consideration you will make before planning a landscape project. If your budget is low, you don’t need to forego the project. You can do small projects in phases. You can use less expensive materials. You can chose a landscape design company that accepts credit cards or will allow you to make payments over time.
5. Are you willing to maintain the new landscape project once completed?
Not all landscape designs will require maintenance, but most will require some kind of maintenance. Are you a DIY-er, ready to throw on your grubby clothes in your spare time to pull weeds, mow the grass and tackle other landscape tasks? Or are you hoping to hire a landscape maintenance contractor to take care of the maintenance for you? Most people fall in between.